Boys Gym Jam FAQs

  • What if I miss a class?

    Kids First TOO gives you the flexibility of one make up per month. Just call our Hospitality team (513-831-4333) and schedule a make-up class on another convenient day and time.

  • Is my boy to old to start gymnastics?

    We have boys of all ages in our gymnastics programs. You’re never to old to have fun!

  • Socks or barefoot?

    Barefoot is preferable, both are OK.

  • When will my child move to the next level?

    Each athlete is being evaluated in every class. When your boy is ready for more challenges, a higher level class will be recommended by his coach.

  • How can my boy progress more quickly?

    Practice does make perfect, so we encourage the boys to take more than one class a week. If they love it why not do it more?!

  • How many students can be in one class?

    Eight is the average. Sometimes classes are smaller and sometimes a little bigger, but we always work to create the best learning environment for each class.