Hospitality/Customer Service FAQs

  • What do you do here? What is this place?

    We are a sports facility designed specifically for kids, and offer Gymnastics, Tumbling and Cheer classes to children of all ages. 

  • Do you have free play?

    All of our classes are tuition-based and involve ongoing education. We do not have open gym or other open areas.

  • Do you offer trial classes?

    Yes, we have trial classes at no charge.

  • What happens if I miss a class?

    • Actively enrolled students who miss a class due to illness, holiday, emergency or snow day may Makeup in any class of the same level that has openings.
    • To schedule a Makeup, please call Kids First at 513-489-7575.
    • Upon arrival for your Makeup class, please pick up a Makeup Pass at the Hospitality Desk before proceeding to class.
    • In the event it is not possible to Makeup a class we will happily provide an alternative option based on teacher recommendation or for some programs we can offer an Open Gym Pass.
    • Overuse of Makeups negatively affects classes. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use it only for for illness, holidays, emergencies and snow days.

  • Is there a family discount?

    Yes, in your immediate family--regardless of how many programs they are involved in--only ONE tuition pays full fare - - - all 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc tuitions are discounted a FULL 20%.