Tumble Bees FAQs

  • What should my child wear?

    Your child should wear clothes that allow him to move comfortably. Shorts and tee shirt, or a leotard is preferred. We request that long hair is pulled back and jewelry is removed for safety purposes. Also for safety and ease of movement we recommend bare feet.

  • Is Parent Participation necessary?

    Parents get to join the Tumble Bee fun until age three! Our Parent Participation classes are a great opportunity for you to be an active participant in your child’s very first classes. Don’t forget the camera!

  • If the term has already started, will my child be behind?

    No worries. In Tumble Bees, each child works at his own pace. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child will blend in.

  • What will my child learn?

    Tumble Bees focuses on improving the physical development of preschool and Kindergarten age children. Your child will be introduced to activities that will help overall strength, general coordination, balance, flexibility and, of course, fundamental gymnastic skills.

  • What if my child is advanced?

    We realize that children learn at different paces, and that there are varying degrees of ability. We are committed to finding the right balance of challenge and success for each Tumble Bee. Our teachers are trained to recognize when a child may need to move at a quicker pace, or a slower pace than the rest of the group.

  • What if my child isn’t very athletic?

    Our Tumble Bee Program is designed to meet the needs of children with varying degrees of ability. Your child will benefit from an increase in gross motor development, strength and coordination, as well as a heightened sense of confidence and independence.

  • What if my child has special needs?

    Some of our Tumble Bee students have special circumstances. Though in most situations no additional assistance is necessary, there are instances when we have a child who will require extra attention.

    If your child requires one-on-one attention, we can offer guidance in several different ways:

    • A parent or an aid may join the class.
    • The Department Leader will work with the parent to find a class with more teacher availability (less busy, additional instructors) and place your child accordingly.
    • We can provide a one-on-one teacher (in a group setting) for your child. This would be similar to a private lesson, but it would take place in a class with other students.*** This is a great way for students with special needs, who may otherwise have difficulty following the structure of the class, to successfully participate in Tumble Bees. A private instructor will help guide, redirect and keep the student safe while participating with others in his peer group.
    *** There is an additional fee for private instructors.***