Tumble Bee Open Play!

Tumble Bee Open Play!

Imagine a full hour in the land of Tumble Bees, only YOU'RE THE DRIVER! Swinging, bouncing, flying, and rolling on all your favorites: trampolines, tunnels, slides and parachutes!

It's fully supervised, but non-instructional- do only the stations you want as much as you want!

The Details...

-Open Play are Wednesdays, 11:20-12:20pm

- NEW PRICE  $8 per currently enrolled Tumble Bee 

-Ages 2-6

-Register online https://app.iclasspro.com/parentportal/kidsfirsttoo/classes?age_range=2&program=17&day=4&filters=Submit

or by phone: 513-831-4333 or at our Hospitality counter.