Boys FAST (Fitness Agility Strength Training)

This BOYS ONLY class is designed to increase fitness, build strength, coordination, and confidence.  The curriculum will be based on balancing cardio, agility, strength, and various activities in a class that keeps boys MOVING!


In Boys FAST we believe that every child can develop a positive attitude towards physical fitness. Every student learns at his own rate without the peer pressure that is often involved with team sports. We create a learning environment where the use of encouragement and positive reinforcement helps boys overcome their fears, building confidence, character, and self-esteem. We believe that learning should be fun and rewarding and we gauge this by the smiles on their faces. In FAST, we want boys to experience the satisfaction that comes with facing new challenges head-on and the joy one feels when they reach their goal!


  • All boys are treated equally regardless of their athletic abilities.
  • We focus on the individual aspect of fitness, agility, strength, and training.
  • We develop overall body strength and coordination through fun challenges.
  • We teach only through positive reinforcement!