Girls Gym Jam

Girls Recreational Gymnastics (Girls Gym Jam)


In Girls Gym Jam, we know that very few children become Olympians, but we believe that EVERY child should be allowed the dignity of being an athlete.
In Gym Jam you’ll see children performing at accomplished levels of gymnastics and those performing at fundamental levels. Our emphasis is not on who’s the fastest, the strongest or the best, but on the adventure of growth and learning.
We use gymnastics achievement to inspire your child to enjoy learning—to crave it. Not just in gym class but at home, at school, whether they’re climbing a tree or doing math homework—learning is life’s highest adventure!
In Gym Jam we believe that for a child to embrace physical education as an integral part of their lifestyle, it must be challenging, it must be intriguing and it must be fun! The essential, magical ingredient of “fun” increases a child’s learning retention and makes any learning situation engaging and memorable.

Why are we different?

We’re not just about “gymnastics” or “cartwheels.” At Gym Jam, our actual product is a healthier mental, physical and emotional lifestyle for your child. We build for the future. Our students are taught to break down their dreams into achievable steps rather than huge, overwhelming goals that can bring failure and frustration.
In this fashion, Gym Jammers learn...
  • Independence: How to be responsible for and help themselves.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making: How to think through their challenges to make mature, responsible decisions.
  • Persistence: How to overcome even the largest obstacles through perseverance and believing in themselves.
  • Positive Esteem & Positive Self–image: They learn self–respect and internalize self–worth from accomplishing their planned goals

Building these qualities through gymnastics achievement enhances a child’s resiliency and ability to excel in any sport or any situation.

Now do you see why Gym Jam is more than just “Cartwheels?”

Why Take Gym Jam?

Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children are physical: the amazing power, the unparalled balance, and injury, preventing agility and grace. Other experts say that the benefits are to the mind: the perseverance, the poise, the confidence, the attention to detail, theconcentration. Which is right? Our experts know. The answer is, without a doubt, both. In fact, professional gymnastics training is a requisite for all kids who want to learn how to become the best they can be in life. Sound gymnastics training is for all kids.

What should my gymnast wear?

Girls wear a leotard or shorts. For tumbling, bare feet are best. Hair should be pulled back for safety, as long hair interferes with somersaulting and twisting skills. Please no gum and leave jewelry at home.

Our Teachers

You are entrusting us with your most precious possessions, your children. You want dedicated people who care, people of responsibility, people continually learning and growing to meet your child’s needs and guide them through the months and years of their gymnastics journey.
Gym Jam teachers are role models. We know children tend to emulate and imitate the “significant others” in their lives. That’s why we pick our teachers carefully to provide you with the most positive, encouraging influences for your child. They are each a unique part of a special family--here to serve special families.
And... our teachers are just fun! We choose our teachers not by their gymnastics trophies, but by their CHARACTER. They’re lively, creative beings, knowledgeable in what excites children to learn and want to learn more. Watch ‘em smile. Watch ‘em laugh. Watch their mental wheels turn as they crank out new ideas to make each lesson memorable and challenging for their students. Just one look tells your theirs is truly a labor of love.

Class Breakdown

Girls Gym Jam: Beginner Class

In this beginner class, we will be primarily focusing on the following skills each week. It is very important to build a strong foundation in order to progress each child's skill set.
Vault: Hurdle, Straight Jump, Standing handstand flat back
Bars: 5 pull ups, Front support hold , Kickover, Small Cast with correct form
Beam: Mount, Releve hold 10 sec, Passé hold 10 sec, Arabesque hold 10 sec, Straight jump, Jump off stick it dismount, Forward roll, Intro to teeter totters
Floor: Forward and backward rolls, Cartwheels, Bridges & Kickovers, Handstands, Backbend
Once a gymnast can perform 90-100% of the requirements, her coach will invite her to Mini Jammers!

Mini Jammers: Intermediate Class (invite only)

Within the Mini Jammer classes, we will start to build upon the basic skills learned in our Girls Gym Jam classes. We will be focusing on the following:
Vault: Running handstand flat back, Intro to front handsprings
Bars: 10 pull ups, 5 leg lifts, Pullover, 45 degree Cast, Back hip circle, Straddle and Pike Dismounts
Beam: Mount w/a swing, Pivot turn, Tuck jump, Handstand, Round off & Side handstand dismount
Floor: Round offs, Front Limber, Back walkover, Intro to back and front handsprings
Once a gymnast can perform 90-100% of the requirements, her coach will invite her to Mighty Jammers!

Mighty Jammers: Advanced Class (invite only)

Mighty Jammers is our highest rec class. Students enrolled in this class have the opportunity to one day be invited to our Recreational team program! Skills we will be focusing on are:
Vault: Mastering front handspring on different mat stacks, Half ons
Bars: 10 pull ups (high bar), 10 leg lifts (high bar), Glide, Squat on, Tap swings
Beam: Half turn, Cartwheel, Side handstand twist or Front handspring dismount, Split jump, Intro to leaps
Floor: Mastering front and back handsprings, front and back tucks, Aerial, Good leg split down
Once a gymnast can perform 90-100% of the requirements, her coach could invite her to our Rec Team!

Check out some of the amazing skills our class athletes have accomplished!

Click HERE to follow along to the Summer Splits Challenge Video!

Have questions?
Contact Department Leader: Julia Schultz