Tumble Bees

Preschool Gymnastics (Tumble Bees)

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NEW! Baby Bees program for 6 weeks old - Pre-Walking! See below!


As parents and teachers, it is essential to remember there is no better age to form positive learning attitudes than the preschool years. Unfortunately, as many parents find out the hard way, you simply can't turn back the clock and teach learning attitudes to a teenager. We believe strongly, the learning attitudes your child acquires during their preschool years in Tumble Bees are the most important!

Keep First Things First When Raising Kids

Child development experts know: for preschoolers, acquiring healthy learning skills is far more important than mastery of specific skills such as cartwheels. In Tumble Bees, gymnastics skills are used as tools to instill learning attitudes while skill mastery is a secondary goal. In Tumble Bees, we keep first things first.....kids!


Tumble Bee Age Groupings

  • BABY BEES! (6 weeks - Pre-Walking) Using our Baby Bees ABC's (Attach - Bond - Connect), our Baby Bees program helps with early infant/parent interaction which greatly contributes to the healthy social, cognitive and physical development of an infant. Your baby's sense of security begins with a healthy attachment to you. The bond you two create through movement will help provide your baby with an optimal foundation for life: eagerness to larn, healthy self-awareness, trust and consideration for others. We create a play outlet to improve the mind-body connection using both fine and gross motor movements. 
  • Walking to 24 months - Ready-Set-Go! The Walking to 24 month class is for older toddlers; those who are walking, running, exploring, and ready for a bigger challenge. Your child will be introduced to many new concepts such as circle time, sequencing activities, and group activities. Parent-child activities, social interaction, and gross motor play are at the center of our Walking-24 month curriculum.
  • 2 yrs - This high energy, action-packed class is sure to foster healthy independence and confidence. Teachers and parents will work together to introduce key concepts such as taking turns, sharing, listening and following directions. Our carefully designed Tumble Bee activities will capture your child’s imagination while developing gross motor skills and early gymnastics activities. This is also a parent/tot format, but bigger excitement and bigger challenges.
  • 3-4 yrs - No parents here...Our three and four year olds are on their own! Three year old Tumble Bees are learning how to stay with a group, beginning to understand and follow directions and are developing independence from their parent.
    Four year olds are beginning to understand multi-step instructions and are able to follow directions independently.
    Our lesson plans will build on those concepts while introducing your child to physical activities that will engage their imagination while developing gross motor strength, coordination and early gymnastics fundamentals.
  • 5-6 yrs - For those who follow directions and are ready for a faster-paced class.  At this age, your child has gained listening skills which allow for more opportunities to learn. Forward and backward rolling, cartwheels, and handstands begin to take shape. By creatively incorporating more skill development into our lesson plans, your child will get hooked on learning!

About our Staff

We believe that the greatest strength of our program is our teachers. Tumble Bee teachers have a genuine love for children as well as a thorough understanding of early childhood development. Each of us is here to help your child grow and learn, and we do that through the fun and challenging activities we offer each week. 

Research indicates that the primary reason children participate in sports is to have fun.
The number one reason they quit is that it's not fun anymore. Our teachers understand this concept and are committed to creating a positive, fun, learning environment in every class.  We know that the preschool years are the best time to learn to “love to learn.”