Things You Need to Know!

Missed a Class? You can schedule a Make Up.

  • Actively enrolled students who miss a class due to illness, holiday, emergency or snow day may Reschedule in any class of the same level that has openings.  
  • Make Ups are limited to one per month.
  • Make Ups must be taken within four weeks of your missed class.
  • In the event it is not possible to schedule a make up, we offer Make Up Gym on the 2nd and fourth Saturday of every month.  Registration is required.
  • To Reschedule, please visit the Hospitality Desk or call us at 513-831-4333.

Overuse of Rescheduling negatively affects classes. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use it only for for illness, holidays, emergencies and snow days.

Make-ups are a privilege and not guaranteed. Kids First reserves the right to refuse to offer a makeup if we feel it will affect safety or lessen the experience of those children who have registered for and paid for that class.

Parents to Remain Onsite

Kids First Too is NOT equipped to supervise children before or after classes or take them to the bathroom.
Parents or caregivers of children too young to supervise themselves are to stay in the Kids First Too area, and not in Recreations Outlet or outside the building. Thank you for making safety a  priority!


A Punctuality Plea

Moms, Dads, for the sake of your child as well as the other children, please be on time! Being late is more distressing to your child than most parents realize.


Attendance is important!

Enrolling and un-enrolling on a regular basis disrupts a child’s learning process and could prevent you from retaining your class spot.


Snow/Inclement Weather Closings

On occasion, weather or other natural occurrences may force Kids First Too to close. When this happens, Kids First Too will do its best to accommodate you including, when feasible, rescheduling your missed class or providing you with an open gym pass. Kids First Too does NOT align itself with the weather decisions of your School District: Kids First Too serves over a dozen school districts. Additionally, with activities from 9am-9pm, what may be 'tough sledding' at one moment may be 'smooth sailing' just an hour or two later. You will find the FIRST and OFFICIAL WORD about weather and related closings at www.kidsfirsttoo.com For your convenience we may also place announcements elsewhere; however all other sources of weather information should be considered secondary.



Children with Special Needs

Kids First Too is proud of its long history of success including children with special challenges into regular programming. Help us help you! Communicating to the Hospitality Desk any unique needs your child may have is crucial to our ability to create the best experience for your child. SAFETY NOTE: If any child’s participation in any way jeopardizes the SAFETY of that child or other child or adult, Kids First Too will request that a parent or adult caregiver be present in the classroom.