Enrollment and Things You Need to Know About This Awesome Place!


  • Enrollment is ongoing.  You may enroll and un-enroll as you wish with no long term commitment.
  • May make changes to day/time/program anytime through Team Hospitality!
  • May enroll 10 days prior to your desired start date.  We are unable to hold spots in advance.
  • You are financially responsible for your class enrollment(s) until you formally un-enroll regardless of attendance.  See link below to un-enroll below.

$25 Lifetime Administrative Fee

  You pay only ONCE upon your initial enrollment and covers your entire immediate family.  This cost covers software, web fees, and other admin costs.  You never pay it again.

Multiple Class 20% Discount

  Only ONE tuition (the highest) in your family pays full price.  ALL lesser Kids First TOO tuitions are discounted a full 20%.

100% Guarantee

  For Brand New Students, Kids First will happily refund 100% of your first month's tuition should you not be completely delighted with your Kids First Experience.  

  No risk.  We do allow 1 free trial class in programs you have not tried before.

Make Ups

  • Only if availability exists.  Make-Ups are not guaranteed. 
  • Must be actively enrolled to schedule
  • May schedule within 7 days of desired make up date
  • Expired 1 month after missed class date or upon un-enrollment
  • In the event it is not possible to schedule a makeup, during the school year we offer Make Up Gym on the fourth Saturday of every month.  Registration is required.
  • We do not offer a credit or refund for missed classes
  • To Reschedule, please visit the Hospitality Desk or call us at 513-831-4333.

Overuse of Rescheduling negatively affects classes. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use it only for illness, holidays, emergencies and snow days.

Make-ups are a privilege and not guaranteed. Kids First reserves the right to refuse to offer a makeup if we feel it will affect the safety or lessen the experience of those children who have registered for and paid for that class.


  • Auto debited on the 25th of each month preceding the next month (ie. on Feb 25th, you will auto-pay the full month of March 1st-31st).
  • Auto deducts each month while you are actively enrolled.
  • Pro-rated based on your start date.
  • All major credit or debit cards accepted.
  • Alternate forms of payment must be submitted prior to the 24th to avoid a charge to your saved CC on the 25th.
  • Tuition is not refundable for missed classes and will continue to charge until you are officially un-enrolled.

Tuition is budgeted for 4 weeks of class per month.  Some months you will have 5 classes.  The 5th class will replace short months due to Instructional Class Breaks.  See Instructional Class Breaks Schedule below.


  • Must be submitted by email (see link below).
  •  Please include students name, program, your desired last class date, and any feedback.
  •  We do not credit or refund for past missed classes.
  •  Un-Enrollments submitted after the 25th of a month for all or part of the following month will result in a full or prorated credit to your Kids First TOO account only.
  •  Please un-enroll before the 25th to avoid (or prorated!) payment for the following month.

Click Here to Un-Enroll >>

*Competitive Teams are subject to terms of their individual team commitment forms, and competition fees.  See your coach or team agreement for details.*

Instructional Class Breaks & Other Closures

  • We will not hold instructional classes during the below Instructional Break weeks.
  • All months average 4 weeks of class.
  • We do not charge more or less for longer of shorter months.
  • Months with 5 classes make up for months with 3 classes due to Break Weeks.
  • No make ups or credits will be issued for Break Weeks.
    • Competitive Teams determine practice changes & cancellations independently.*

Click to view 2023 Calendar

*Offices are open normal hours during Break Weeks except for those days specified on calendar as "Building Closed"

Year Round Calendar

Click here to access our Year Round Calendar >>


Do you offer open gym play? 

No. Our main focus is to educate children through instructional programming.

What do I do if the weather is bad on my class day?

If imminent weather is approaching we will update our website first and foremost with any closure decisions per the "Weather" tab at the top of the homepage.  Please do not call. Team Hospitality receives its info from the website. On occasion, weather or other natural occurrences may force Kids First Too to close. When this happens, Kids First Too will do its best to accommodate you including, when feasible, facilitating a make up class. Kids First Too does NOT align itself with the weather decisions of your School District: Kids First Too serves over a dozen school districts. Additionally, with activities from 9am-9pm, what may be 'tough sledding' at one moment may be 'smooth sailing' just an hour or two later. Please BE SAFE and make your own driving decisions based on your location.  

Click here for Current Weather Announcements >>

Can I drop off my child for class?

Children 6yrs and under require a responsible adult to be in the building at all times.  For children 7yrs and older, you may use your discretion as to whether or not you choose to leave the premises.  Please note that teachers are not responsible for children before or after class time.  Should your child need to use the restroom during class, your child will need to take themselves to the restroom and back to class independently if you are not here.  Teachers will not escort your child to the bathroom.  Please make your decision based on your comfort level and trust in your child's own responsibility.  Should you leave the premises, we do ask that you also ensure the Hospitality Team has updated contact information in the event we or your child needs to call you.

Do you accommodate children with Special Needs?

Kids First Too is proud of its long history of success including children with special challenges into regular programming. Help us help you! Communicating to the Hospitality Desk any unique needs your child may have is crucial to our ability to create the best experience for your child. SAFETY NOTE: If any child’s participation in any way jeopardizes the SAFETY of that child or other child or adult, Kids First Too will request that a parent or adult caregiver be present in the classroom.

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

Financial assistance is available as long as funds are available and based on need.  To apply, please stop by Team Hospitality & pick up an application packet.  Applications must be completed & returned to Team Hospitality.  Decisions are typically made within 4 weeks of application submission.