Tumbling & Cheer Classes & Specialty Clinics

Tumbling & Cheer Classes & Specialty Clinics


Please match your child's' skills to the corresponding levels below. 

Level 1-2  - Designed to teach your child the basic skills they will need to excel in tumbling and cheerleading.  This class will work up to back handsprings skills.  With our accomplished coaching staff, your cheerleader or tumbler will learn all they need to know - and then some - to excel on a competitive or school cheerleading squad or to just improve their over-all tumbling skills.

Level 3-5 - Designed to advance basic skills and work on the higher elite tumbling skills. The focus is on technique and progression safely through the development of your child’s current skills.  A working back-handspring is required for this class. With our accomplished coaching staff, your cheerleader or tumbler will “get those skills” they need to excel in the sport.










“From bows to toes” in the Kids First Too Cheerleading program, we...

  • offer a positive and age-appropriate environment for learning cheerleading related skills. Encouraging not discouraging.
  • teach progressions and proper techniques to ensure safety.
  • help our athletes set realistic goals for themselves, teaching that success does not come without careful planning & hard work.

Our Coaches

Our enthusiastic coaches live for cheerleading! All have a cheer or gymnastics backgrounds, including competitive or college cheerleaders. They know what it takes to make a team and have the passion and drive to get you there. Whether for tumbling or tryouts, our teachers have a love for children that shows in their interactions with each young athlete.

Kids First Too would like to welcome our new Cheer Coach, Kiley Atkins.