Storm Cheerleading

Storm Cheerleading

Cheery-O’s! (4-6 yrs) - A Cheerfully fun class! Cheery-O’s is the best way to get your child excited about cheerleading and to learn the basics! Each week, they'll be learning basic skills, jumps and chants.

Tumbling for Cheer (1st-6th gr) - Our brand new Tumbling for Cheer class is designed to teach your 1st - 6th grader the basic skills they will need to excel in cheerleading. With our award winning coaching staff, your cheerleader will learn all they need to know - and then some - to excel on a competitive or school cheerleading squad.


“From bows to toes” in the Kids First Too Cheerleading program, we...

  • offer a positive and age-appropriate environment for learning cheerleading related skills. Encouraging not discouraging.
  • teach progressions and proper technique to ensure safety.
  • help our athletes set realistic goals for themselves, teaching that success does not come without careful planning & hard work.


Our enthusiastic teachers live for cheerleading! All have a cheer or gymnastics backgrounds, including competitive or college cheerleaders. They know what it takes to make a team and have the passion and drive to get you there. Whether for tumbling or tryouts, our teachers have a love for children that shows in their interactions with each young athlete.